The real estate model production form is divided into two aspects

The display of real estate models is crucial to sales. Visitors’ understanding of the house can be reduced through real estate models. Can be very effective and comprehensive. Therefore, the real estate model is commercialized, and it is a way to publicize it calmly. Can improve the success rate of house sales. The real estate model must be displayed in the form of creative design, drawings, etc. before being made, and finally formed. But real estate is different from other building types, and its design form is very special.

One: Basic features

Architectural models are mainly scaled down samples using materials that are easier to handle based on design drawings and ideas. Creative design is mainly a way to express the relationship between architecture and space.


Two: the form of the expression

The design plan is mainly based on the addition and subtraction of architectural elements and the splicing of groups. It replaces simple strokes with actual production. Expression model: This is equivalent to the perspective representation of architectural design. Only one is expressed as an entity, and the other is expressed as the nature of both. One is to conduct review and research design in the form of space, and the overall basic relationship effect is necessary. The other is better able to show the intuitiveness and authenticity of the model so that people can better feel its real existence.