The composition of the sand table model is divided into four aspects

The sand table model is a whole, and its beauty is strong. The real estate sales link needs the blessing of the sand table model. So, what does the actual display of the sand table model depend on? Not in appearance or effect. It depends on its manufacturing itself, which is generally divided into four aspects.

1. Base

The base is a key part of the entire sand table model. Without the base, it means that a person has no feet. You don’t need to look at this foot alone. The design of the base is also very diverse. Naturally, its engineering cost is not low. Some bases can be made into an ellipse, a ring, or even a boat. The base is not only a look, but also can be customized according to customer requirements.


2. Chassis

The chassis is the chassis carried by the base. The function of the chassis is the load-bearing garden landscape and architecture. In addition, it will also have different functions due to regulations, such as reservoirs, roads, parking spaces, and rivers.



3. Garden landscape

The garden landscape in the sand table model is the face of the sand table model.


4. Architecture

Architecture is the key part of the architectural sand table model, the designer’s writing product, and the key reflection part of the model company. At the architectural level, the Huaye physical model can use 3D printing technology to maintain the rapid prototyping technology of the building control module.