The color of green space in garden sand table model making

In the making of garden sand table models, most of the area belongs to the level of landscaping. There are various ways of landscaping, including grassland, flowerbeds, flowers and trees, hedges, etc. Among them, green space occupies a large proportion of the disk surface. In order to cooperate with the greening of the whole and the relationship between the main body of the project and the construction, there are many things to pay special attention to in the green space production process.


There are several types of green spaces in the making of garden sand table models:

One: More dark colors:

The occupancy rate of green space is very large, so when choosing the shade of green space, it is more suitable to choose dark green, earth green or olive green. Because choosing dark colors looks calmer, and can improve the comparison with the main body of the engineering building and the details of landscaping. Therefore, when selecting large-scale green tones, dark colors are usually used.

2: Use less light colors:

When selecting large-scale light-colored green spaces, the relationship with the main body of the engineering building should be considered. At the same time, the reliability of the color should also be adjusted according to other landscaping scenery, otherwise it will cause the overall color to float.


Three: Adjacent color resolution:

When choosing the color of the green space, you can use the technique of neighboring colors to solve the problem according to the color of the main body of the project. For example, when the main body of engineering construction is light yellow tones, brown can be used to solve large-scale green space, and other greening scenery in orange or vermillion can be used at the same time. Choosing this technique to solve the problem can not only make the behavior subject and the natural environment more harmonious, but at the same time can create this special time effect.