The architectural model has too much function in architectural performance design.


The architectural model is conducive to the scrutiny of design writing, subjectively reflects the detailed design plan, and fills the limitations of the performance of the construction drawings. Architectural models are part of the design steps of interior designers, and they should also be a specific manifestation of design. They are used by the market in urban construction, real estate development, commercial and residential building sales, design bidding, and investment cooperation. The architectural model has the following essential characteristics:

One: Show the engineering architecture

Architectural model is a way to express the relationship between the appearance and space of a house building or a group of buildings in architectural planning and design. For modern buildings with excellent technology, complex functions, and varied plastic art design, especially in the design and writing of architectural models.

Two: preliminary design

The architectural model in the preliminary design, that is, the design plan, is called the task model. It can be made more concise for production, processing and disassembly. The material can be grease, cardboard and plastic.

Three: Preliminary design

After the preliminary design, more sophisticated architectural models can be made, that is, the architectural model is displayed for the purpose of reviewing the design of the plan. The requirements of the architectural model show that the internal space, interior soft furnishings and structural features, structures, etc. of the most important engineering building are shown, showing that the building is close to the real proportion, shape design, color, gloss and classification of the indoor environment. This The production of similar engineering building models focuses on actual results to express the ideas and ideas of design writing.



The architectural model is usually made of wood strips, man-made panels, plastic panels, plexiglass panels, and metal sheets. Too many people say that architectural models are an indispensable main item in architectural planning and modern urban planning.