The 3D printing architectural model is really different from the traditional

Traditional sand table models are made of wood and foam. Because of the small scale, the production process is time-consuming and laborious. And 3D printing architectural models is not only fast and accurate.

What is a 3D printed building model?

Use 3D printing equipment to create sand table models, landscape models, architectural models, etc., which have a comprehensive look, proper planning, accurate transportation, environmental restoration, and clear supporting facilities.

What are the benefits of 3D printed models?

One: Surface quality

Nowadays, industrial 3D printers have long been able to reprint building models with micrometers and good process performance. Unlike the past, the clarity is crude, and the range of materials that can be used in 3D printing modeling is very wide, and architects use more Most of them are polyester plastics. The modeling color is usually off-white, and the color must be colored by itself. 3D printers support multi-tone copying, without coloring at the end, and can even copy the modeling of crystal clear or alloys and other different materials.

Two: reduce time

The traditional sand table model making process requires several weeks for detailed and lifelike building model models. The layout of complex sand table models takes many months. However, the use of 3D printers can easily produce complex sand table building models, which can reduce Manufacturing time, and the 3D printer can automatically print, you only need to guide the modeling data into the copier to start printing.

Three: display model

3D printing can give you design ideas and sketches that can be expressed in real time. The meticulous scale model uses a visual way to express customers with distinctive design ideas, and perfectly demonstrates the characteristics of the model.


Four: re-edit

When the client proposes to modify the design concept, it can be changed during modeling and then printed again. The decision-making power is completely in your hands and you can re-edit the architectural model.