Six factors affecting the price of the sand table model

Sand table models have become more common in modern applications, ranging from urban and rural planning, exhibition halls and exhibitions, to miniature collections, etc., such areas often have sand table models. Due to market demand and rich profits, there are many sand table model making companies in the manufacturing industry. The same electronic sand table has different prices. For the masses, the exquisite and cost-effective sand table model is also the best choice. Why is the price different? What are the factors that affect the price of the sand table model?


Sand table model


1. Sand table model material. The quality of sand table models made of different raw materials is different, the display effect is also different, and perhaps the price is also different. The price of wood materials is different from plastic materials, glass materials, etc., and the price of the sand table model created is also different.


2. The type of sand table is different. The sand table is divided into physical sand table models, computer-operated sound, light, electric sand table models, and touch screen computer-operated multimedia system sand table models. The price of the sand table model is different and the price is naturally different.


Sand table model


3. The size is different. The price of the urban and rural planning sand table model is different from that of the miniature single sand table model. Due to the different specifications and sizes between them, the cost of materials, labor services, time and other costs are also different, and the resulting price is also different. Up.


4. The main purpose of the sand table is different. The sand table model placed in the exhibition hall of the exhibition is not the same as the small and medium-sized sand table model in my personal collection. Because the production process regulations exceed the latter, the price of the produced sand table model is also different.


Sand table model


5. Show the situation is different. The sand table model can be divided into an embedded sand table model and a desktop all-in-one sand table model, which will inevitably cause a price difference between each other.


6. Regulations on sand table processing technology. Certain sand table models have very high requirements for processing technology. Usually small and medium model companies do not have the overall strength to produce them. Be sure to find a large and medium-sized model company. This is due to the different processing technology requirements, resulting in diversified sand table prices. .