Terrain sand table
The terrain model is a way of miniature entities to express the features of the terrain and geomorphology, and reflect the mountains, water bodies, roads and other objects in the model. The main performance is the terrain data, so that people can understand the macroscopic things from the microscopic point of view. The terrain model has a wide range of applications. The main industries used are: government, transportation, water conservancy, electric power, public security command, land and resources, tourism, military, military, etc.
Construction sand table
The architectural model represents the architectural art in the form of miniature entities, whether it is a single shape or a combination of groups, is a structure that faithfully expresses architectural ideas, and transforms the architect’s intention into a concrete image.
electronic sand box
The electronic sand table uses real three-dimensional geographic information data and advanced geographic information technology to dynamically search for geographic information of each point in real time. Such as three-dimensional coordinates, height, slope, rivers, roads and various artificial projects and facilities, long-term planning and other information. And through advanced three-dimensional simulation function, real-time three-dimensional single-point flight, path flight, round-point flight, engineering facility query, economic benefit analysis and various other intelligent analyses can be carried out on the computer in real time. It is suitable for units closely related to geographical topography, such as the site selection of mobile communication and the planning and construction of large-scale water conservancy facilities.
Shown in the exhibition hall is the sand table of Tiananmen Square
Shown in the exhibition hall is the sand table of Tiananmen Square
Electronic sand table is divided into three-dimensional electronic sand table, acousto-optic sand table and multimedia touch sand table. It is composed of multimedia computer (touch screen all-in-one machine), logic controller, driver, stage lighting controller and touch remote control (PDA handheld computer) and other equipment, and cooperates with model sand table, large screen projection and multimedia display software to achieve the right Model lighting and stage lighting actions are controlled automatically, manually, and remotely, and various relevant information in the model sand table is synchronously displayed in multimedia forms such as voice, text, pictures, and video images to achieve a full-scale interactive multimedia display effect.
In the exhibition hall application, the model sand table and the application computer intelligent display control system is a high-tech and creative design. It can make the public vividly, vividly, quickly and accurately understand the content displayed by the model sand table, and can effectively achieve the purpose of showing to the public. It covers the needs of viewers from reality: voice introduction, touch intelligence, lighting special effects, remote control and other intelligent technologies, making the exhibition hall full of vitality, intelligence, colorful, convenient display and modification and other functions.
a. Three-dimensional interactive virtual real estate-building model placed in the computer

Three-dimensional interactive virtual real estate is a real estate pre-sale tool that can upgrade and replace architectural models and model houses. It uses design drawings and material data provided by real estate developers to accurately simulate the proposed real estate 1:1 on the computer, super large scenes and partial renderings , To create a shocking audio-visual effect and improve the performance of on-site sales. Customers can enter the virtual real estate in the sales department or on the website, just like playing a game, move up and down and fly around in the virtual real estate, and can enter the favorite room to check the decoration effect and understand the surrounding environment, traffic location, development company strength, mortgage calculation amount, etc. The system can automatically generate 3D cartoons for playing in the sales department and making TV commercials.
b. Multimedia sand table

The multimedia sand table can three-dimensionally display the mountains, waters, topography and landforms in the area of ​​the government or department at the same level, and reflect the departments and various command elements of the government at all levels in various forms. Using computer multimedia control technology, the sound (narration), light, image, subtitles can be displayed synchronously or asynchronously. It can be controlled by remote control, manual control, induction control, or multimedia control; it can be digital display, single-point display, and combination Display, dynamic display, and remote video monitoring display can be realized with only one telephone line. It has the characteristics of flexible operation, simple operation, easy maintenance and modification, etc.