Architectural model is an indispensable and important item in architectural design. It is helpful for the scrutiny of design creation, can intuitively reflect the design intent, and make up for the limitations of architectural drawings. It has many years of experience in large-scale projects, coupled with a lot of exercises, to explain profound theories in simple language.
Learn how to use geometry to create models and make general residential and villa architectural models. 1) The production specification and production process of the terrain. 2) Study of building conventional dimensions, making simple villas. 3) The production of simple public buildings. 4) The production of residential units.
Learn about polygon modeling and special-shaped modeling, and learn how to make high-rise residential buildings, European-style villas, and ancient Chinese buildings. 1) The production of complex single villas. 2) The method of modeling according to pictures. 3) Modeling production of European architecture and Chinese classical architecture. 4) Modeling skills for public buildings. 5) Production of height difference terrain model and scene modeling. 6) Model training
Any industry related to 3D models is acceptable, such as architectural rendering companies, urban planning and design institutes, game art production, animation production, etc.