Pre-production planning
According to the plan, elevation, effect drawing and model requirements provided by Party A, formulate the model making style.
Model quotation budget
The budgeter determines the model fee and signs the production service order based on the model scale, material technology and drawing depth.
Production organization review
The technical staff will check and analyze the drawings to determine the model material, processing technology, production period and effect requirements.
(1) Construction process:
Architects make construction according to the drawings provided by Party A, and the effect is based on the principles of authenticity and beauty. All buildings use AutoCAD drawing, computer engraving machine cutting details, and the assembly line method of manual bonding by construction technicians, which not only guarantees the quality of each part, but also guarantees the construction period.
(2) Environmental landscape design and production process:
The overall environment will be controlled by professional landscape architects. Professional production staff combined with drawings for design and production. The principle is to reproduce the designer’s design intent based on Party A’s design drawings. Do not operate randomly and play freely. At the same time, artificial trees, sketches, sculptures, etc. are used for embellishment to make the entire landscape part beautiful and exquisite.
(3) Building environment lighting assembly:
The lighting system is designed and manufactured according to Party A’s requirements to reflect the night scene effect of the sand table.
Production completion inspection
The quality inspection department manager and the project leader compare the drawings to carry out detailed inspections and adjustments.
Model installation and debugging
The model service personnel will debug, install and clean the model on site, and leave after reaching the satisfaction of Party A.