Planning architectural models pay attention to detail development

Planning architectural models are very common in architectural models. There are various types of architectural models, including real estate models, high-end villa models, landscape garden models, indoor apartment models, industrial models, and so on. For example, the real estate model focuses on the form of expression, while the planning architectural model focuses on the details. High-quality planning and architectural models pay attention to small proportions, diverse types but no mistakes, and the proportions are accurate to every detail.


One: The scale of the model is small

Generally speaking, planning model projects are usually produced by government departments. The model covers a wide range, such as urban planning models, not only to show the macro index of urban development and future business. Let visitors understand that a time benefit transforms into a money benefit. But because of its large area, it has become a large-scale sand table model. It not only affects the aesthetics and effects, but also makes it difficult for visitors to visit. These two aspects are secondary, the main thing is that the general exhibition hall can hardly accommodate too large sand table models. Therefore, only by appropriately reducing the ratio can the plan of the entire city be fully displayed.

Two: Many types of models

Urban planning will involve architecture, commerce and landscape, etc. This is an inevitable reality. Therefore, planning model making is usually a summary of other types of model making. The difference is that the planning model does not need to describe every detail carefully, and simple and beautiful production is often favored.


Three: The proportion is accurate to every detail

The planning model is to show the overall urban planning, which generally refers to garden landscape, geographical transportation and so on. Only an accurate ratio can truly reflect the actual situation of the project, the rationality of the urban layout and the future development.