Instructions on the correct use of architectural models

Compared with the entity, the main feature is the high similarity between the model and the entity. The entity is large and the model is small, but what the entity is like and what the model is, plays a key role as a reference. Sometimes, because the vision is too high, but the height is not enough, wrong thinking will appear at this time, and the emergence of models is to solve this problem. This article briefly describes the correct use of the model.


Building model


One: The model is different from the project itself due to the proportion and material limitations. The model is for reference, and the actual new project itself or the design concept is the standard;


Two: This model is an exquisite and precious handmade product. It should be placed in a cool and dry place. Exposure to the sun and rain are prohibited. (Normal temperature is 5-35 degrees, suitable temperature: 30%-80% air humidity). Hit. Too high or too low can easily cause short-circuit failure of some electronic components of the model or cause electrostatic induction. Pay attention to environmental cleanup. Anti-fouling and avoid human factors dirt. It is strictly prohibited to use harmful cleaning fluids and chemicals to clean the model; use the cleaning fluid to gently scrub with a soft cotton towel. When the model is to be displayed, the sound, light, and electrical system software must work under the condition of declaring a stable operating voltage.


Building model


Three: The available working voltage of the model is 220V, pay attention to the reliability of the switching power supply.


Four: During the display of the model, the sound, light, and electrical systems must work under normal and stable voltage conditions, and the continuous application should not exceed half an hour to prevent long-term application from damaging the power circuit. Please power off if it is not displayed;


Building model


Five: When the model installation timer is used normally, the model interval will automatically turn off the power, which belongs to normal conditions;


Six: After the model has announced the acceptance of the project, it will undertake the maintenance, upgrade and technical support of the model’s optical machinery and equipment, and ensure the normal application of the model. A professional maintenance work group must be established to undertake the maintenance and maintenance of the model. People provide one-year free after-sales maintenance service for this model, and all repairs caused by product quality problems are free, and only the relative basic raw material costs are deducted for changes due to human error, damage or engineering drawings adjustment.