The main body of the building is the main part of the architectural model. The main body of the building is also the premise of the greening design of the building model. When designing the greening of the building model, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the style, form, and proportion of the main body of the building. Because, no matter what form and color the greening adopts, it is carried out around the main body of the building.
1. When designing and making large-scale villa model greening, it is necessary to create a warm and homely atmosphere, so the form of expression can be lively and novel, and the color of the tree can be brighter, but the scale must be mastered. The shape of the tree species should be changed, and the details should be appropriate.
2. When designing and making large-scale single or group building model greening, it is necessary to make clear, fresh and orderly. Therefore, the form of greening should be concise, the color of the tree should be selected carefully, and the shape of the tree species should be portrayed according to the volume of the main building, the proportion of the model and the depth of production.
3. When designing and making small-scale planning model greening, the form of expression and focus should be on the overall feeling. Because the main body of the building as this kind of architectural model is generally expressed in the form of a block due to its small scale, and its production depth is far lower than that of a single display model. Therefore, when designing and making this series of architectural model greening, it is mainly to separate street trees from clusters and concentrated green areas. When choosing a color, the color of the street tree can be darker or lighter than the base color of the green space, and form a certain contrast. As a concentrated green space or a group green space, in addition to being different from street trees, there should also be a certain contrast in color.
4. When designing and making garden planning models for greening, special emphasis should be placed on the characteristics of the garden. Because, among several types of architectural models, only the greening of the garden planning model occupies a large proportion, and several layouts and tree species must be represented at the same time. Therefore, when designing such model greening, we must grasp the overall feeling and design greening according to the real environment. In the specific expression, adopt the method of comparing traditional and simplified to express, focus on depicting the central part, and simplify the secondary part. In addition, greening should also pay attention to the relationship with the main body of the building. When making landscaping, the main buildings should be scattered and orderly, and special attention should be paid to the sense of scale. At the same time, it is also necessary to cover each other, so that the greening and the natural glory of the main building are integrated, and truly reflect the characteristics of landscaping.