How to pave the floor of the real estate model?

The phenomenon of a civilized society is to live and work in peace, be prepared for danger in times of peace, and be prepared for danger. Thinking of progress in danger, thinking of danger, danger and danger. The house is not only a peaceful life, but also a life in peace and security. It is contradictory that there is no house and foreign objects, the danger has come, and it is arbitrary. Building houses is something many people struggle for their entire lives. Although they are busy, they are also diligent and fulfill their lives. The house used the real estate model as a reference, and the structure became clear in an instant. It can be said to be a success model and a failure model. This article briefly describes how to pave the floor of a real estate model? Because the ground belongs to the landscape, the beauty of the landscape makes the model better.


One: According to the general plan, draw different city square floor tiles patterns, choose artificial colors to solve, polish and polish the spray painting to make the colors beautiful, the colors vary, the patterns are detailed, and the ideas of the scenic spots are different. Different patterns for the same pavement.

2. Reasonable layout of green spaces and squares in the overall planning. Floor tiles are used for pattern division. Crosswalks are laid out in a natural style. The lawn and landscaping part is made of simulated gravel paths. At the same time, relative changes are made based on the location of each landscape and the actual effect of the landscape. , Layout comprehensive leisure clubs, synthetic garden landscapes, children’s amusement parks, etc. in a moderate area.


Three: Design a coordinated environmental planning scheme design based on the theme style of the new project construction plan for the part of the free land without detailed design, so as to be novel, beautiful, generous, and compatible with the overall environment.