How to make the characters in the architectural model

In order to simulate the real scene of a large shopping mall, there are many kinds of characters in the usual commercial sand table model making. Among them, there are men and women, old and young, tall, fat and thin, and dynamic. So, how to portray this kind of character image? How to make the character image in commercial sand table model production? There are various materials and methods for character image production. It is best to choose according to the characteristics of the model.


How to make the characters in the commercial sand table model:

1. Small proportion model (1:500 proportion): Amaranth seeds, palm tree needles or small pins can be used to represent the main role.

2. Characters made by cutting wood (1:100 to 1:50): First find a suitable image, reduce it to the proportion of the model, and rotate the simplified contour Print paper onto a wooden square, and then cut off the border outside the character contour. Finally, the required characters are cut from the wooden porch.

3. Character silhouette human type (1:100 to 1:10): develop the image on a computer or photocopier appropriately, and then transfer the paper to a thick cardboard. , Polyethylene or plexiglass board for cutting.


4. Take paper and pins to make a human shape (1:200 and 1:100): Cut out a small curved strip of paper with color or texture, crumple it, and then use transparent white Or the black pin passed.

5. Human shape made of hard foam (1:200 and 1:100): It is like a paper person, which can be made easily and simply. Cut the hard foam into strips with a thickness of 1 mm and a width of 1-2 cm, and then divide it into several small square pieces, which are passed through vertically with a pin. Finally, a human-shaped contour was cut out with a fine scissors.

6. Human shape made of West Indian balsa wood board (1:150 ratio): Cut the West Indian balsa metal sheet into different length slats and different cross sections. Use a pin to insert 4-5 small slats. Finally, the human figure will be colored and solved.

When making models, a large proportion of model characters can be made using clay, china clay or fine iron wire. Among the models with a large proportion, human figures can also be used as human models, such as dolls with movable hands and feet. Each part can be made into an abstract three-dimensional style. This should be done based on the main model characteristics.