How to make the architectural model more colorful?

Only well-made architectural models can show the characteristics of engineering buildings as soon as possible. As a reflection model of the characteristics of engineering buildings, it must not only reflect the quality of engineering buildings, but also allow everyone to have a comprehensive grasp of engineering buildings. For example, the electronic sand table that people see in the sales center is very attractive in terms of manufacturing and effects. In order to create a more detailed architectural model, the direction of the architectural model must be towards beautiful and beautiful. How to make the architectural model more colorful?

Building model


1. Part of the construction of the house is built according to the engineering drawings of the house. According to the specific proportion, the building facade wall is made by hand or computer engraving machine, and then pieced together. The choice of tone and texture is an important part. And the real raw materials for exterior wall decoration. The main model of the model is an independent scientific research, a clever way of the new art genre.

2. The landscape setting should be properly grasped to maintain the effect and model role. Sometimes, if the expected effect is not necessarily good, then the image in the real scene and the image in the scene and its model. It is the opposite and unity of this divergence. The key is to grasp a “god”, the key is to present the artistic style of environmental greening.


Building model


3. The role of lighting fixtures in housing construction. The light source reflects the visual expression of the building model, and appropriate lighting fixtures can be used to display the characteristics of housing construction as soon as possible. Configure lighting fixtures according to the characteristics of the scene. The basic construction of residential quarters and garden waterscape lighting should be as warm as possible. The background picture of evergreen plants, flowers, and trees should be cold light; road and street lights and garden lights should be the same and sorted according to necessary standards. The project is as diverse as possible. The project should be as colorful and layered as possible to set off the overall environment.