How to make exquisite sand table models lies in rigorous design

City construction is becoming more and more perfect, and the making of sand table models has also developed into a class of technology. It plays a vital role in military, urban planning, real estate and other construction. Nowadays, we can always see exquisite sand table models. How to make exquisite sand table models lies in rigorous design.


One: Resolve the relationship between the elements appropriately and effectively

1 The relationship among road slopes, watersheds, and transportation in the landform elements should be compatible and coordinated. The main performance is effective and natural, and the color combination should be harmonious, so as to vividly reflect the natural scenery of the scene.


2 Residential areas are dealt with in accordance with the relationship of rank and proportion. Proportionally expressed housing constructions, neighborhoods, communities, commercial streets, proportional block-like commercial streets, and non-scale spot-like residential areas. Different expressions can be selected according to different scale sizes, residential area levels and necessity, and the main expression methods can be clarified according to the main purpose and regulations.


3 Use vivid techniques to express the total area of ​​landscaping in the model and improve the overall effect. At this stage, urban and rural planning is slowly moving towards international standardization, and greening the garden environment has become a key content of urban construction planning.


2: Strictly formulate the construction schedule and rationally arrange the construction process

1 Prepare work in advance. Package raw materials, tools, personnel preparations, technical solutions of their materials, and chassis production, etc.


2 Assign key tasks in the construction process. Including the creation of the resolution of the car chassis and the creation of the geomorphic elements, the production of various special lecture elements, the interior decoration of the electronic control system installation plate, and the design plan and production of the outer packaging of the docking elements between the layered plates. Arrange the construction period reasonably according to the sequence of the process and the amount of work.


Three: the overall assembly and adjustment work. It is stipulated that the assembly of each part is accurate, and the overall effect is mainly coordinated, sound, light, electricity, and sound are at the same time, and there is no problem with manipulation.