How to make an architectural model of urban planning?

The production of the overall planning architectural model is the process of transforming the overall planning project after the city’s overall planning, functional zoning, and architectural plan design into a model with 3D software analogy.


1. According to the overall planning of the city and commercial land

It is necessary to have excellent macroeconomic control ability during production, so that the function zoning of all cities is clear and reasonable, the design style is coordinated, and it has local historical and cultural characteristics.

2. Design and make according to the detailed plan

The production of the Cad master plan must be strictly implemented, the design effect drawing is used as a reference for the final actual effect, and the texture map is hand-made without reference to the current situation.


Three, the overall planning model production steps

The manufacturing steps of the overall planning engineering building are similar to the current engineering building, and it is also prepared according to the process from overall to partial. Including: sorting out photos, importing Cad documents, analyzing engineering construction, making engineering construction actors, making architectural details, making engineering building roofs, and adjusting the physical model.

4. Diversity of planning model materials

There is a significant difference between the application of materials and the current engineering buildings: planning three-dimensional modeling is mostly the entire actual effect of the whole map, and the detailed structure of the node only needs to be moderately mainly represented. At the same time, it is necessary to follow the common data of engineering construction specifications and the proportion is reasonable.