How to maintain the architecture model?

Many people know the basic maintenance procedures of the architectural model, but many people don’t know the specific methods. How to maintain the sand table model?


One: Shipping

When the sand table model is in the process of transportation and transfer, it needs to be disassembled and assembled by special personnel. During this process, direct sunlight should be avoided. Exposure to the sun is absolutely not allowed.

Two: Placement

The sand table model is placed indoors, the temperature cannot exceed 35℃, and the humidity is in the range of 30% to 80%. Otherwise, the sand table model is prone to degumming and deformation.


Three: neat

The sand table model is kept tidy indoors and requires air to be clean. Regular cleaning of sand table models without glass covers is also required to be guarded to prevent man-made damage.

Four: lighting

The light of the sand table model is best to be turned off every two hours, and the model of the real water fountain needs to check whether there is water, and if the water is insufficient, it will be added. When the fountain does not spray water, the power must be turned off.


Five: remote control

The remote control model needs to be kept in the remote control and cannot be used repeatedly, otherwise the circuit will fail.