How to maintain the architecture model?

The architectural model is to show the building, so that the characteristics and functions of the building are at a glance. Therefore, the quality of the model will also affect the quality of the building. The product is made after a layer-by-layer process. The structure of the building model is complicated, including circuits and so on.


This link is rigorous, and the architectural model becoming a commercial form requires close contact. This process also needs to be carried out carefully, otherwise it will cause damage to the building model. As a result, repairing is more troublesome. This shows that maintaining the building model is a necessary action.

One: Try to avoid the sun, many materials will deform at high temperatures, which will cause changes in the model.

Two: Avoid cracking the model house and short-circuit the lawn elevator. Do not place the model in a high temperature or humid environment (temperature 5°C -35°C, humidity 30% -80%), and also prevent strong winds.


Three: The model is very fragile. Avoid collision, squeezing and hard objects. If there are small items, they must be carefully kept and reassembled by professional workers. Generally, there is after-sales service.

Four: There should be obvious signs on the display screen, indicating that visitors should not squeeze the glass cover or the surrounding glass to avoid damage to the glass.

Five: When moving the model, it is best to be carried out by a professional moving company. Because many of the materials in this model are very fragile, one part is destroyed accidentally.


Six: Correct cleaning method: After immersing in a clean soft towel or cloth, gently wipe the dust cover to avoid hitting the balcony, flying height, frame, lightning rod and other objects.