How to deal with the text and logo on the model surface?

After the model is made, in order to make people aware of the structure and layout, text and logos will be added to the surface. What is the processing method for the text and logo on the surface of the model?


One: Bezel setting method

Leave a slightly recessed groove on the model in advance, and then cut the printed transparent plastic sheet into a character slightly smaller than the edge of the groove by 0.1~0.2 mm, and place it on the groove. Generally, the sheet is 0.3 mm. it is good. According to the fact that grooves of different depths must be emptied on the model in advance, the printed foam boards of different materials can be attached to the grooves.


Two: Dry transfer paper lettering

For the text on the model, dry transfer paper can be used. This type of method is to transfer the text on the dry transfer paper to the model. Dry transfer paper is a kind of plastic film, printed on the back of the reverse font with different font styles. From the reverse side, it is normal font. There are seven layers of stickers on the reverse side of the dry transfer paper. When transferring, put the reverse side of the transfer paper up, and apply pressure on the characters slightly in the area where the characters must be printed. At this time, the font style will stick to the surface of the model. The current dry transfer paper shows a variety of font styles and a variety of common graphic signs, as well as a list of different color texts. It is an extremely convenient raw material for surface treatment in the later stage of model production.


Three: Screen printing method

Make the text or pattern that needs transfer paper first, and engrave it on the silk screen with a height of 1.5 mm, and then use the hard plastic rubber scraper to sell the printing ink. Brush the printing ink on the silk screen at a time. Place it on the part to be printed on the surface of the model, scratch it slightly, and remove the silk screen text to print on the model.