How to clean and clean the architectural model?

The model itself is a reduced version of the building, and its layout is rigorous and complicated. The road and the line are mutually vertical and horizontal, and they interact extensively. The dust lay quietly in it, forming the dirt of the sand table model day after day.


One: Surface cleaning:

Use a small brush to clean up the dust, and use a wet paper towel to scrub the difficult dust. Avoid organic chemical solvents such as hydrogen peroxide and ethanol.

2: Cleaning up flowers and plants:

The removal of flowers, plants, and plants is a difficult problem for sand table model cleaning. You can first use a hair dryer to remove ash, and then use self-blast cleaning and new spraying methods.

Three: Cleaning up the sand table road:

Use a small brush to clean the flying dust, and then use a cotton towel dipped in water to scrub, and the black glass road should be scrubbed with ethanol.


Four: Clearance of grassland:

Use a hair dryer or a special vacuum cleaner for treatment.