How to choose an architectural model manufacturer?

At the current stage of the sand table model production and sales market, there are many mixed, good and bad sand tables available, and it is very difficult to see a high-quality physical model manufacturer. Not only is the production period too short, but also Worry about whether the quality is stable and whether the after-sales maintenance service is guaranteed. From this point of view, among many manufacturers, how to choose a high-quality sand table model manufacturer has also become a headache.

One: look at mentality

No matter which one you choose, the first thing you look at is the business process. It depends on the company’s plan and the timeliness of the meeting and the seriousness of the plan;

Two: see examples

The previous examples can show the overall strength and technical status of the company, and enable the other party’s architectural model company to issue contracts for past works;

Three: Look at the processing plant

Visiting and inspecting how the company’s processing plant can accommodate its own projects, and not enough for writing, by no means every company can withstand the inspection, especially in the sand table model making workshop, model making machinery and equipment.


Four: Look at the plan

The purpose of the plan and its targeted solutions;

Five: look at the salesperson

The salesperson can reflect the corporate culture of the company and whether the company is ethical.

to sum up:

In the real estate industry, you can see the construction of sand table models in the developer’s housing operation center. Sand table model making is a fusion of artistic creativity and realism. The integration of high-tech and plastic arts not only allows customers to see the project in a simple and clear way, but ultimately is a more simple way of communication between designers and customers.