Architectural model making requires a dedicated workplace. Generally speaking, a simple architectural model making workplace requires sufficient workbenches, material display cabinets, tool racks, cutting platforms, electrical appliances and wiring, lighting equipment and facilities. There are many tools used in it. Today we will talk about cutting tools for you.
The use of cutting tools in architectural architectural models
1. Cut the material with an art hook knife: cut repeatedly, go back and forth several times until the material thickness of the cutting knife is about three-half before breaking.
2. When processing special-shaped parts with a blower electric heating constant temperature drying oven, after the plastic is softened, quickly prevent the plastic from rolling on the surface of the required arc mold to cool and shape it.
3. Curve saw: mainly used for cutting metal and non-ferrous metals. Enhanced chip handling when cutting metal. Larger teeth allow for more efficient cutting of lumber and other wood products. Used for cutting various wood and non-metal. The teeth are sharpened and conical for faster cutting and better chip handling.
4. Use a heating wire saw to cut thicker soft materials. Electric wire saws are generally used to cut foam plastics, blow-molded boards, etc. Heated wire saws are usually self-made. When cutting, turn on the power, the indicator light is on, and the heating wire heats up. When the material to be cut is brought close to the heating wire and pushed forward, the material is quickly cut.
5. Use an electric circular saw to cut thicker hard materials. Before cutting, let the saw blade run idly, and then prevent the plexiglass from being stable and leaning against the gear saw blade for cutting. This kind of tool is basically self-made, and the operation is dangerous, so you must wear work clothes and a work cap before work, and do not wear gloves.
There are many tools used in architectural model making, some of which are dangerous, so the majority of architectural model making enthusiasts are reminded to pay more attention to the need for complete safety facilities and conspicuous safety warnings.