Analyze the difference between the real estate model and the sand table model

Many people think that the real estate model and the sand table model are very similar, because both are relatively exquisite and have exquisite appearances, which make people feel that they are beautiful. Later, they think that there is no difference between the real estate model and the sand table model. But in fact, the difference between the two is very big.

What is the sand table model?

The model is generally a single house of a certain type. From the exterior decoration design to the internal application function, the quality is detailed and unique, and the presentation is more vivid and concrete. The sand table generally refers to the three-dimensional model of all projects, including regional direction information such as transportation and environment around the project, as well as the supporting facilities of the project itself, the direction information of each region and their functions. It is an indispensable sales prop in real estate sales.


What is the real estate model?

The real estate sandbox can be regarded as a classification of the sandbox model. The real estate sandbox refers to the model made by the real estate company according to the proportion of the real estate shooting after the development and design of the real estate, which is used to show the customer real estate materials when the real estate is sold. The sand table model is an expression form of the discussed system, process, event, or definition. It can also refer to a sample produced according to experiment, expansion or reduction of the sample diagram.


What is the difference between the real estate model and the sand table model?

One: The size of the sand table is irrelevant to the size of the actual real estate. The larger the sand table, the better the presentation effect is usually better. There is a misconception among house buyers that the bigger the sand table is, the bigger the real estate is, in fact, it only increases the scale.


2: The exquisiteness of the sand table has nothing to do with the workmanship quality of the actual real estate. Developers can spend sky-high prices to make an exquisite sand table, but it does not mean that the quality of the real estate is as exquisite as the sand table. Customers may mistakenly believe that the overall and lining of the real estate is the same because of the beautiful sand table.


Three: The sand table and the practical scenery are not the same. Sand table manufacturing has always avoided some unfavorable and aesthetic parts, such as garbage pools and septic tanks. The sand tables that people see have always been simple and beautiful, but they only see the green grass but do not remember that the real estate may not be so clean and tidy.