3D printing allows the model to create specific advantages

3D printing technology is constantly deepening, and its process technology is becoming more mature, and many industries have its presence. This article briefly talks about the specific advantages created by 3D printing of architectural sand table models?


One: display effect

3D printing makes the design clear at a glance, a detailed scale model. Make everyone’s discussions more planned and intensive. Make the design concept of the model more perfect and show a wonderful solution. The final display effect is shocking.

Two: save time

3D printing makes the design idea, this abstract object evolves into an image, which is like a general building in front of you. The difference is the ratio. Let the design ideas and design elements be in a clear positioning. In this way, a lot of time can be saved.

Three: save materials

3D printing can print out all the details, including materials. When designers need to make color elements, but don’t want to do it. At this time, just select the remaining color to print. Not only reduces the use of materials, but also makes the model color uniform.