What is the production process of ancient building models?

Ancient architectural model is a kind of architectural model. It is different from Chinese architecture. It is more exquisite in making craftsmanship. The ancient architectural model has strict requirements for fine art painting, hand-carving, coloring, and key point resolution. So, what is the process for making models of ancient buildings?


One: Design plan and drawing

When developing the design of ancient building models, the most important thing is to master the overall relationship. To put it bluntly, mastering the overall relationship is based on the design style of the ancient building model, from the macroeconomic control of the selection, processing technology and manufacturing depth and other factors. When mastering the overall relationship, we should also consider the part of architectural planning and design. Because, as a whole, all an ancient architectural model is produced by two different components of points, lines and surfaces. But from a partial point of view, there are individual differences in styling design. And these individual differences will constrain the selection of architectural model manufacturing and processing technology and raw materials. Therefore, when developing the ancient architectural model design plan, we must pay special attention to the individual differences of the fusion part to fully consider.


Two: Material selection and production

The key raw materials for building models are paper, plastic and wood. The raw materials for different types of building models will be different. When making ancient architectural models, wood (balsa wood, model airplane) is usually used as the main raw material for the behavior. Using such raw materials to make ancient building models has the practical effect of homosexuality. At the same time, from the perspective of production and processing, it is also beneficial to the main performance of ancient architecture. However, this type of building model uses the original color of the raw material itself instead of the final color of the concrete cushion. If the actual effect of color is to be mainly expressed, plastic materials must be used.


Three: perfect coloring

The color of the ancient building model is the use of different materials or simulation methods to convey the actual effect of the color. The color of the building model is different from the color of the solid line engineering building. From the actual point of view, there are two key ways to express the color of the building model. One is to use the color of the engineering building itself, and the other is to use various architectural paints to wipe the concrete cushion. In the production of ancient architectural models, color resolution can be carried out based on the main architectural models.