In recent years, China’s economic level has been continuously improved, the basic construction of urban areas has become more and more perfect, and architectural model making has become a manufacturing industry and technology. It has played an indispensable role in various basic construction industries such as buying and selling properties, urban planning and construction, new real estate development and design, and combat guidance. Next, I will tell you why you need to make a sand table model. ?

1. Considering that the real estate business industry is very much in need of architectural model making.

The current market is “created” by brand sales planning. Architectural model production is the key focus and fulcrum in real estate marketing. It has “easy to read, intuitive brand image, rationality, practicality, expressiveness and loads a lot of information”. Known as the brand image agency and fashion symbol of real estate developers “selling quality, selling definition, and selling function”.

2. Considering that the owners of the community need to make architectural models to buy houses.

When the owners of the community enter the real estate sales service hall, a sand table model with mountains and rivers and affectionate can often arouse their endless reverie and interest. The physical model is very easy to improve the communication and emotional relationship between the developer and the community owners. Communicate and exchange, arouse the purchase impulse of the owners of the community.

3. Combination and artistic needs.

Sand table model making is not only a combination of materials, craftsmanship, colors, and core concepts, but also a veritable modern sculpture.

4. High information content carrier.

Architectural model making is also a highly targeted data, which is relatively large, the information characteristics of the economy, and the social cognition, rationality, sharing, diffusion, and scalability of the information content.