What role does the architectural model play in architecture?

Architecture belongs to the macro, while the sand table model belongs to the micro. The macro scene is difficult to see, but the micro scene is clear at a glance. The details of the sand table model provide the overall effect of the actual building, judging the advantages of the architectural geography from the layout and location, as well as its value. Therefore, the sand table model is equivalent to a line of sight to understand the building. Without the sight of the sand table model, the value of the building cannot be referenced, and the opportunity is missed. This is explained from the perspective of economic benefits. During the construction process, there are basically very few construction problems. Because the sand table model plays a key role, it has been measured and other effects. This is in terms of construction. What role does the sand table model play in architecture? It is divided into the following three aspects.

One: Construction

As mentioned above, the building will be measured before construction to ensure that there is a problem with the completed house during the construction period, and the re-disassembly step will be carried out. This step is time-consuming, laborious and costly. Therefore, with the sand table model, the precise measurement method occasionally reduces the trouble of construction.

Two: Design

The design of the sand table model is also the design of the building itself. In the process of designing the sand table model, through standard comparison and modification, to a certain extent, time and money are saved.


Three: Reduced version

The sand table model is a reduced version of the original building. It is practical and harmless to the building.