What is the focus of designing commercial architecture models?

Commercial sand table models occupy a certain market share in the market. When real estate developers sell properties, they all need commercial sand table models. The success rate of the commercial sand table model is good or bad. We all know that attention to detail is used to restore the real scene and give the building tension. What is the point of designing a commercial sand table model?


One: Overall

The overall design ideas. The layout of the commercial sand table should conform to the requirements of the operating model, with the goal of improving sales. The business operation model stipulates that the color tones that can fully show the flatness, elevation, and section of the project must be adjusted in accordance with the current layout. It is proposed to select a high-quality base to enhance the sense of hierarchy of the model.

Two: Material

It is proposed to use stone for the base material of the sand table in the catering industry. The quality of the base of the sand table is made of stone. The color scheme of the commercial pedestrian street conforms to the fusion of wood and stone. (Stone is generally marble)


Three: design function

It is stipulated that the architectural structure of the commercial pedestrian street and the design function of the building facade can be clearly seen in the modeling, including the perfect combination of tones, closeness and harmony. , The applied materials can clearly show the inner feelings of the interior of the building, that floor, two floors, multiple floors and the roof.

All levels of the business operation model can clearly see the type of business A and the scale of the business type they are operating, and the interior decoration of their stores can fully demonstrate the business pedestrian street operation scenario.


Four: style

Fully present the various style characteristics of the entire commercial building, fully demonstrate the night scene function and the non-night scene function, and some other things, so that people can easily and clearly locate the commercial sand table model.