What is the basic idea of ​​the architectural model?

The so-called architectural model is a bridge that puts architectural concepts into practice. It is people’s feelings between space and architecture, plane and three-dimensional, and is the basic premise of design sketches. Architectural models can maximize their own design concepts in the architectural models.

Architectural model is a creative design in architecture. This link directly affects the designer’s design and production level. This link involves a wide range of knowledge and can fully reflect the overall quality and artistic accomplishment of a designer. Generally speaking The stronger the overall quality, the broader the knowledge, the more solid the foundation, the higher the starting point, and the more convincing the design will be. This is a very important requirement for every dream to become an excellent architectural artist. Therefore, we must continuously improve our overall quality and artistic accomplishment in our study and life, learn more, practice more, and watch more.

The French architectural master, Le Corbusier, although his works are not many, his design concept of “Langxiang Church” and his bold and bold expression fully reflect the extraordinary He is very knowledgeable; the Spanish Gaudi’s architectural style is also very individual. Gaudi’s Park is one of his masterpieces. He built a “weird building” similar to the ant nest on the African savannah. The surface of the wall is decorated with colorful tiles and mosaics of very irregular colors, which reflect bizarre colors and dazzling light under the sunlight. These bizarre and vital buildings leave a deep and lasting impression on people. .