What are the requirements for the design of the architectural model?

The fantasy of the adult kingdom lies in the reduced version, the charm of Barbie lies in the reduced version, and the reference of architecture lies in the reduced version. If it is not a fantasy and presented in a reduced version, the deep meaning of it will not burst out, and there will be no social microcosm of ridicule and criticism. If Barbie is not a reduced version, it will have no fun, and without affection, there will be no emotional sustenance. The building has no architectural model as a reference, no basis, no argumentation effect, and conclusion effect has no substantive meaning. What are the requirements for the design of the building model?


One: the selection level of building model design materials

According to the characteristics of the design model, select those raw materials that are convenient for production and processing and can be simulated, so that the aspect ratio can reflect the main body of the engineering building.


2: Proportion and limit of architectural model design

The proportion of buildings is usually confirmed according to the application purpose of the physical model and the total area of ​​the physical model. Building groups should choose a large proportion, and large-scale green spaces and regional overall planning should choose a smaller proportion.


Three: Architectural model design and body design

The design should take into account the elements of the actual exhibition site, adjust the inconsistency of the model, and prevent the building and the nearby road network from being unable to connect or the relationship with the scenery can not be confirmed.