The success of the architectural model comes from five aspects

Architectural models are indispensable for real estate sales. When you enter the sales department, you will generally see exquisite sand table model making. A good real estate model can visualize and clearly show the various advantages of the project’s housing, such as physical geography, transportation, and room types. From what point to judge whether the building model is successful or not, or what requirements the building model meets can be regarded as a high-quality building model.



1: Accurate model proportion

When watching the sand table model making, people who are careful will find that there are usually annotations with the proportion and specifications of the physical model next to it. For visitors, this may just help to know the relationship between the physical model and the proportion of real listings. But for the sand table production company, this proportion was confirmed after careful design and continuous thinking. The proportion of each part must be carefully and fully considered, so as to ensure that all sand table models are coordinated and beautiful. If the proportion is not set properly, even the most technical and professional processing technology will make the viewer feel strange.

Two: Wash, clean and tidy appearance

As the saying goes, people depend on clothes, and the same goes for making sand table models. A neat appearance is an indispensable element for real estate models to attract attention.


Three: the selection of raw materials

The selection of raw materials is an indispensable criterion for making a good real estate model. People should select relative raw materials according to the design style of the new project construction and the actual effect to be exceeded to create a high-end, layered real estate model.

Four: reasonable lighting effect layout

Different scene layouts and relative lighting effects, such as the use of warm-toned lighting effects for the physical model of the housing to create a warm human settlement effect, and the use of colorful neon lighting effects in the commercial pedestrian street to set off a strong commercial service atmosphere.


Five: colorful plant communities and sketches

With everyone’s longing for the natural environment of landscaping, landscaping and landscape has become a key advantage of the real estate industry. In the real estate model, it is necessary to reflect the beauty of the natural environment as much as possible, but also pay attention to being close to the natural world; the design style and location of the sketch must be properly laid out, so as not to make the viewer feel incompatible.