The quality of the sand table model lies in these manifestations

The sand table model is very common, and its strong planning and intuitive display are very characteristic. Now it has become a marketing tool in the real estate industry. How to make it more quality is the most important. The quality of the sand table model lies in these manifestations.



The manifestations of topography and landforms can be divided into general mountains and pastoral mountains. Common materials for making mountain models are artificial wood-based panels, thermal insulation foam boards, thick cardboard, and plaster of paris. The more common material is super-strength sponge material. This type of material is not easy to deform when making mountains. The production method is dominated by pastoral mountains, which can show the main effect of contour lines as soon as possible.


The form of lighting:

Lighting is a key element to improve the quality of the sand table. The lighting setting should be set according to strict rules. The display effect of the engineering building lighting should be made according to the design style of the building. The order of the lighting should be clear, the building is dominant, and the garden The landscape is second. Reflecting the subject, the color of the light should be paid attention to. Generally, the fishing fires in the garden landscape are dominated by cool colors.


Main manifestations of flowers and plants:

Because the space on the electronic sand table is not very large, it is necessary to pay attention to the relative density of the placement of the materials. Some customers will expect to make the whole environment more lifelike. It is required to install a large amount of flowers and plants on it. In fact, this behavior is incorrect. Too many flowers and plants, although it looks very dynamic, the congested space will obstruct the display of the engineering building, so it is necessary to place comfortable flowers and plants according to the size of the space.


Main manifestations of atmosphere:

In the commercial area, you can set up some pedestrians, shop signs, advertising words, etc. to create a lively scene, in order to make the scene more truly able to place some leisure tables and chairs, and place some small figures on the top appropriately. Setting up some cars will make the whole scene more real and natural.