The production scale of the architectural model is not mysterious

In the real estate industry, the target sand table model is generally small in size, but small and comprehensive. The real estate planning, real estate greening, and public facilities are all very detailed displays. The function of these three is to introduce the real estate. For consumers, the sand table model is a reference. Only with such a reference can we get a general understanding of the actual real estate. Many people think that the size of the sand table model is small, and its production scale will be more complicated. Under such subjective thinking, the production scale of the sand table model becomes mysterious. Otherwise, the production scale of the sand table model is not complicated, what is the production scale of the sand table model?


One: Not fixed

There is no fixed statement on the production scale of the sand table model, so there is no fixed number. Because the scale of the sand table model is determined according to the model display items of the regional range and the model, the values ​​of these two aspects are ever-changing.

Two: consistent

The sand table model and the same sand table model keep the same direction. When making a sand table, generally outline the area on the topographic map, and then clarify the scale of the sand table. The size of the scale is positioned according to the purpose and conditions of use.

Three: such as one meter

For example, for a one-meter high sand table, the actual height of the building should be 1:100, but it is also 1:150. Therefore, the conclusion cannot be drawn too soon.


Four: 1:50

The ratio of 1:50 is generally for small villas. This is an introduction. It briefly introduces the geographical location, height of the building, the number of buildings, the facade of the building and so on. However, the actual situation shall prevail.

Five: Calculation method of making sand table model:

Horizontal scale denominator/magnification factor = vertical scale denominator.