The architectural model forms an aesthetic sense of appreciation

Architecture models are widely used in urban planning such as real estate, commercial housing, investment promotion, and bidding. Its image charm makes its display effect very amazing. In the development of time, the sand table model has gradually formed a unique sense of beauty and has a certain appreciation.


What is the beauty of the sand table model?

One: Angle

The angle of viewing the sand table model is generally a head-up angle or a bottom-up angle, which creates a sparse and precise picture.

Two: details

The sand table model is very detailed, not only using special materials, but also using lighting equipment.


Three: density

The sand table model presents an illusion of density, because the arrangement of the buildings, the supporting facilities of the garage, and the means of transportation are mostly orderly, and impartiality creates a close-range density.

Four: Design

The design of the sand table model has to go through the stage of unchanged, and the preliminary approved design drawings are often formed through layers of modification. The engineering is quite different. But it is precisely because of such careful planning that the appreciative beauty of the sand table model is formed.