Mechanical cutting refers to the use of electric machinery to process sand table model materials. Commonly used machines mainly include ordinary multi-function cutting machines and curve cutting machines.
Ordinary multi-functional cutting machines use high-speed moving saw wheels or saw blades for cutting. They can process various profiles such as wood, plastic, and metal. The cutting surface is very smooth and the work efficiency is high. The propulsion speed of the material should not be too fast. For hard plastic or metal materials, care should be taken to avoid dust and sparks. The saw wheel or saw blade of the cutting machine should be replaced at any time according to the processed profile. Large-scale sawtooth processes wood, and small and medium-sized sawtooth processes metal, plastic, and even paper. The multi-function cutting machine generally only cuts in a straight line, and there is no limit to the processing length.

In the sand table model making, the curve cutting machine will be used more. It can cut the profile in any shape, and to a certain extent, it can also replace the saw wheel machine or the saw blade machine. According to the working principle of the curve cutting machine, it can be divided into two types: electric curve cutting machine and mechanical curve cutting machine. The former uses the principle of heating up the resistance wire after it is energized, and it can quickly melt the PS profile when it is heated. This cutting form is very suitable. If conditions permit, you can also make an electric curve cutting machine by yourself. The latter is to use the slender hacksaw blade to move up and down to cut the profile. Before operation, the cutting contour should be drawn on the surface of the profile, and the profile should be moved slowly with both hands. Pay attention to the moving speed during operation, and slow down the speed at the part with a large corner shape to ensure that the cutting surface is evenly stressed.
No matter what kind of cutting machine is operated, the sand table model maker should keep a calm mind and not be disturbed by noise and dust to avoid accidents.