The process of architectural model making, first of all, is based on architectural drawings, and the structure of the building is cut and spliced according to the proportion, which is completed by hand or machine. In terms of effect performance, the coordination of color and lighting is the most important thing, so how to adjust light, shadow and color in the production of architectural models?
1. How to design lighting
The renderings of the design plan will guide the setting of the lighting. The producer needs to fully understand the purpose of the design drawing, count the components of the lighting and the luminescent materials used, and choose the appropriate circuit type.

Lighting types include building interior effect lights, building exterior effect lights, street effect lights, water system effect lights, ceiling lighting, ceiling follow-up spotlights, etc. The lighting effects of buildings and environments need to be displayed independently in different areas, such as administrative areas, commercial areas, road systems, waterscape systems, green belts, places of interest, and municipal squares.

The primary and secondary layers of lighting are also different for the characteristics of different scenes. The buildings and water features in residential areas should use warm colors as much as possible, while the lights of scenery should usually use cool colors. The color of the building should be displayed in multiple layers, but it should be clear and definite. It needs to be emphasized that the degree of control is very important, and it is forbidden to be bright everywhere, causing some surrounding parts to take away the glory of the theme. The background is the background, and the protagonist is naturally the protagonist. If there is no choice, there will be no focus, and there will be no successful model.
Second, the performance of environmental color
When making according to the designed renderings, it should be noted that the performance of tree species is mainly freehand brushwork, and the color of flowers and plants mainly focuses on expressing beauty, and the use of colors should reflect a vibrant scene as much as possible. It is like saying that the actual effect is full of flowers, but if it is made according to the actual effect, it will look very uncoordinated on the model, and appropriate adjustments must be made. The plants are just right to set off the building.