Here are some tips for making architectural models:

  1. Create a solid base for your model that is clean and has neat edges. Make sure it is the appropriate size for your model, as it can be challenging to adjust once you have a partially completed model stuck to it.
  2. Plan your model carefully before beginning construction. Take time to plan out each section, how you will assemble it, and the quickest and cleanest way to do so. This is especially important if you are new to model making.
  3. Keep your hands clean while working on your model, as gluey hands can make a mess. Ensure your workspace is well-lit so that you can see the details of your model clearly.
  4. Use templates and guides wherever possible to save time and ensure precision. For example, you can create templates for sill heights, doors, or regular spacing. You can also create templates for cutting out curves or specific details that need to be cut out multiple times.
  5. Print materials to scale and stick them to your foam board or card to represent materials without spending too much. This is an excellent way to create a realistic representation of your design while keeping costs low.