Environmental space is very clever for making architectural models

The production of architectural models pays attention to environmental space. Only when the use of environmental space is coordinated can we create a pure and beautiful sand table model.


One: Public service facilities

Public service facilities pay attention to reasonable layout, and there can be no defects in the sand table model caused by external factors of industrialization.

Two: Architecture

The architecture must not only highlight the style, but also modify the harmony between the spatial layers.

Three: architectural sketches

The setting of exquisite architectural sketches makes the sand table building beautify and enrich the environment.


Four: Landscape

The landscape and space pay attention to the comprehensiveness. For the building attachments such as electricity, telecommunications, lighting, pipelines, etc., they must be buried underground to ensure their beauty.

Five: Design

The design of public space should borrow the connectivity between the building and the activity to design the combined layout.