Looking for high-quality architectural models that showcase a physical representation of your architectural design? Do you need help designing your architectural project and want to try out different ideas by creating accurate scaled architectural models? Are you in the planning approval phase or looking to raise funds and need to present your architectural model? If so, you can benefit significantly from our architectural model making services.

We are a leading architectural model making service provider and can provide you with custom 3D architectural models that allow your audience to quickly see and grasp the scale and proportion of your design idea. People generally trust architectural models more than 3D renders since they can physically see the model and grasp the key design features, whereas in 3D rendering, they need to view it in the digital space. With our architectural model making solutions, you can get access to architectural models that help you get approvals for your designs.

Our Architectural Model Making Services We have been providing architectural model making solutions to a diverse clientele from across the globe for over 19 years. Our architectural model making services include:

3D Architectural Model Making Services We have the experience and skills to complete any type of architectural model according to rigorous specifications. Our crafting abilities are second to none, and we can work in any medium, including chipboard models, basswood models, foam models, and 3D printed models. As a leading 3D architectural model maker, we begin the architectural model making process by taking the scaled 2D architectural drawings and creating a base at the model scale. We reduce the building into buildable parts in the medium that is decided upon and then begin putting the model together.

Handmade 3D Architectural Model Making Services While some may view building architectural models by hand as old fashioned, we have found that handmade models can serve as valuable tools that can be used in various kinds of real estate projects. We have expert architectural model makers that are highly creative with their hands and can bring your design concept to life in the form of high-quality 3D handmade architectural models. With handmade models, you can also get access to refined design perspectives that may be hard to obtain with printed models.

3D Printed Architectural Model Making Services 3D printing is an excellent way to create robust architectural models. We have a team of expert architectural model-making specialists that can design and craft very precise models in much less time than doing so by hand. While handmade models can take weeks or months to create, using 3D printing, architectural models can be created in a matter of a few hours if the 3D printing file is available. 3D models also provide the scope to add much more detail to the final output. Client feedback can also be incorporated much faster, resulting in a much speedier model creation process.

In conclusion, our architectural model making services provide custom models that will help bring your design to life in a physical and tangible way. We offer 3D architectural model making services, handmade 3D architectural model making services, and 3D printed architectural model making services, and we can provide the right solution for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next project.