There is a set of basic tools that a architecture  model maker needs inorder to make models out of commonly used materialsincluding paper, cardboard, and wood. Clearly, themore elaborate the model under construction, thegreater the need for additional tools with which towork the materials. Therefore, it is worth mentioning atthis stage some both primary and secondary pieces ofkit that will aid modelmaking on a regular basis 

1. A cutting mat  provides asurface on which to cut materials.

2. A metal ruler is essential as it not only guidesthe knife in a straight line when cutting but will alsoprevent the knife from slicing into the rule – or themodeller’s fingers!
3. Caliper – is a useful device to measure the distancebetween two opposite sides of an object.
4. Tape measure
– is a flexible type of ruler, typicallywith either a metal, plastic or cloth strip with linear-measurement markings.
5. Protractor
– is a tool for accurate measurementof angles and when combined with a rotating leveras shown here can be a valuable tool for setting uptemplates for angled model components. 
13. Files
 – similar to sandpaper, these can be used with arange of materials to finish edges and corners.
14. Plane
 – a hand plane is a tool for shaping wood andused to flatten, reduce the thickness of, and develop asmooth surface to a rough piece of timber.
15. Hacksaw
 – is a fine-tooth saw with a blade held undertension in a frame.
16. Coping saw
– is a type of handsaw used to cut intricateshapes and interior cut-outs in model components.
17. Backsaw
 – is any type of hand saw which has astiffening rib on the edge opposite the cutting edge.
18. Claw hammer
 – is a tool primarily used for hittingnails into, or extracting nails from, another object.
19. Wooden mallet
 – is a type of hammer with arelatively large head. 
20. Clamp
 – is a fastening device used to hold or securecomponents tightly together to prevent movement orseparation through the application of inward pressure.